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Sound Waves (PVT)LTD                                                                                                             Dear Si...

Sound Waves (PVT)LTD


Dear Sir,

We the Sound Waves Pvt. Ltd currently operating 3 FM Radio Stations in the Sindh interior; FM-91 Tando Adam, FM-92 Khairpur and FM-92 Nooriabad. Our FM Radio Stations reach about 68% population across Sindh. In addition, thousands of people who travel daily via Super Highway and National Highway listen to our broadcast.

In the past 4 years of broadcasting, our FM stations have provided its listeners with quality entertainment and educational material. Our Network has explored a completely different market where no other FM or TV/Cable are accessible, thus making our network the sole entertainment provider.

Our network can provide you a complete market where you can rest assure that your message will not go unheard.

We will be glad to facilitate you at our most popular and wide FM radio network in Sindh and hope that it will bring a breakthrough to your corporate and products’ image in these areas.

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